The Quarrymen



Ivan Vaughan
Pete Shotton


83 Vale Road (marked in red) also went to Mosspit Lane,  Dovedale infants/ primary and same class at Quarry Bank as John. Sadly Pete died  in 2017 at his home in Knutsford, but remained friends all his life. John wanted Pete in his group, so he played washboard.


Another Quarry Bank pupil, Eric joined when it was found out he played guitar.

Eric Griffiths
Next along came Bill who attended Quarry Bank too, on Tea Chest, but apparantly not for long as his heart wasn't rellay in it and was replaced by Len.
Colin Hanton

Bill Smith

John Lennon


24 vale road (vega)now 84 (marked in green) attended Dovedale Infants/Primary then Liverpool Institute where he got to know Macca, whose birthday he shared. Nigel and Ivan shared duties on Tea Chest Bass.


Leosdene 88 Vale Road (marked in blue) went to Mosspit lane infant/juniors, the to Bluecoat school.



Briefly attended Mosspit Lane Primary for something like 8 months, then Mimi decided he attend Dovedale Infants from May 1946. 1948 he moved up to Juniors then to Quarry Bank in Sept 52. He befriended Nigel at 5 years old.

....from School Mates...
A nice little bit of nostalgia here


Nigel Walley
Rod Davis
Len Garry

Rod was at Quarry Bank in the 'A' stream and joined the others on banjo


Eric knew someody who played drums and introduced them to Colin. I recommend you take a look at his book -it's a good read -

          PRE:FAB  !


Len took over the reins from Bill, Ivan or Nigel by being the new Tea chest player. now we have a pretty steady line-up that performed at Roseberry Street on 22.6.57.......
.....and St Peter's Church fete on 6.7.57 , which was the start of something quite big !!!!
An interesting research bit on Roseberry Street can found at :
Colin         Eric     John   Len     Pete    Rod    (Paul ??!!)

....and in mid-July 1958 the new line-up ventured to Percy Phillips'  Kensington, Liverpool studio to make their first record. The latest line-up was John, Macca, George, Colin and John 'Duff' Lowe (right)
John 'Duff' Lowe
Some reporters/ authors have said that there were up to 104 (Fab 104 !!! of which a book has been written, of which a resumé can be found at ) members of The Quarry Men and I am sure there were lots, but exact dates are all down to memory and internet nowadays and cannot really be confirmed or denied, however 2 useful little charts courtesy of Wiki show some of these line-ups
13 April 1942

John attended Inny with Macca and was asked in Feb 1958 to join the band as he played the piano. He later joined Ricky Tomlinson in Hobo Rick & the City Slickers ! - he kept the record and sold it after 20+ years t Macca for a rumoured £12K




















































































































  where are they now ?

  Sadly, 'some are dead and some are living'