An album I own - one of their 1st albums recorded,

signed by Tony Sheridan - worth lots !
The last autograph Lennon made, 15 minutes before being shot,  to a switchboard operator, Rabiah Seminole, at the studio in New York - was up for auction valued at $325,000
Chris with Lennon's statue in Havana, Cuba
Anyone see this old 'unseen' Lennon pic in the paper ?
Lindas statue in Campbeltown, which Paul paid for







































An accident in Scotland

Every summer, from the age of nine until he was fifteen, John was sent alone on a ten-hour bus journey to visit his Aunt Mater and Uncle Robert with his cousin Stanley Parkes at their home in Durness, Scotland. Stanley Parks, who lived in Edinburgh and later in Largs, would head to the coast for weeks on end, often being dragged into helping his uncle fix up the house. The house where Lennon holidayed at Sangomore, a settlement at Durness, was demolished around four years a go with a new property built by the owners. A plaque on the wall of the property marks the association with the Beatle.

Lennon last visit Durness in 1969 when he decided to travel north after flying in from the US with Yoko Ono and their daughter Kyoko. After collecting his son Julian in London, the family headed off in a white Austin Maxi. The holiday was cut short, however, when, on 1st July 1969,  Lennon crashed the car on his way back from a day trip to Tongue after a tourist in a car came towards him on a single track road near Loch Eriboll.
He and Yoko and Kyoko each suffered cuts to the face and Yoko an injured back. The family were rushed to Golspie Lawson Memorial Hospital where Lennon received 17 stitches for wounds to his face, which left a permanent scar. His wife and daughter also received treatment for facial injuries.
After returning to London to start recording, Yoko Ono’s back injury gave her “constant trouble,” and  “to save her the discomfort of sitting for hours on a stool beside him, John had a bed delivered from Harrods and set it up on the studio floor.”

The smashed white Austin Maxi car, which was taken to Reids garage in Tongue, ended up mounted on a plinth in the couple’s garden.



The square shows the whereabouts of Durness
John Lennon with his Aunt Mater, Uncle Bert, Cousins Liela, Michael, and David in Edinburgh
The croft, overlooking Durness
The maxi in the garage at Tongue, and later in the garden at Tittenhurst
Happy holiday time !
The hospital and signed things with a photo of them leaving
The plaque outside the croft
The tribute garden in Durness


One of Stuart Sutcliffe's paintings (Hamburg no.2) in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool - saw Chris de Burgh there too !
- an interesting site shows more of his work
Harbour's Edge, Aunt Mimi's Poole bungalow,Sandbanks, which John bought for 26k in 1965. When she died in 1991 at the age of 85, Yoko sold it and was purchased in 1992 for 410k and sold in 2016 for 4,000,000 !!