A busy time between recording & filming Help meant they couldn't start touring until June
June 20th Palais des Sports, Paris
June 30th Palais des Expositions, Nice
June 22nd. Palais d'Hiver de Lyon, Lyon


17th Aug Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto (see previous)
18th Aug Atlanta Stadium, Georgia *
15th Aug, William A Shea stadium - 55,600 in the crowd ! *
22nd Aug Memorial Coliseum, Oregon *

28th Aug Balboa Stadium, San Diego *
2 July Plaza de Toros deLas Ventas, Madrid, one of 2 bullrings they performed. *
3rd July, Plaza de Toros Monumental, Barcelona, the above middle photo taken by my mate Steve Bunting
...and so to America again for there third time and second full tour
19th Aug Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston *
20th Aug White Sox Park, Illinois *
21st Aug Metropolitan Stadium, Minnesota *
29/30th Aug Hollywood Bowl & 31st Aug Cow Palace, San Fransisco - see previous

                                          ...and finally their last home tour ....

playing amongst other places, on 8th Dec at the Gaumont, Sheffield, since demolished *

June 25th.Palazzo dello Sport, Genoa
June 24th Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan *
June 27/28th Teatro Adriano, Rome *
























16th Aug. John F Kennedy Stadium. 21k watched in a 60k stadium - demol. in 1992
- a 5 day gap when they stayed in Hollywood (rented Zsa Zsa Gabors house, 2850 Bendict Canyon Dve, where allegedly they indulged in LSD