On their first night at the Indra
The fourth and fifth visits in 1962 were to the Star Club again, 14 nights from 1st Nov to 14th Nov, now with Ringo in place and 13 nights 18th Dec to 31st Dec This last time, they were recorded on several occasions in December on a reel to reel by Ted 'Kingsize' Taylor of Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (left), which was later (1977) released as an album.   
Rory Storm and the Hurricanes - recognise the guy with the drumsticks ?
The lads carried on without George as best as they could and meanwhile they moved their stuff to the Top Ten, where Peter Eckhorn had offered them digs.On leaving Bambi Kino, Paul & Pete set fire to a condom on a nail !!! - not really a fire but Bruno was still pissed about it so reported this to the polizei as arson ! The next day Paul and Pete were arrested and taken to Davidwache for the night. Stu was living with Astrid Kircherr, below, so was not suspected.  Paul and Pete were deported by air and John came shortly after(7/12/60) Pete and his mum Mona arranged with Peter Eckhorn to have their gear sent back.




First trip to Hamburg - it didn't end well !



Hamburgs tribute to the lads' time their - Beatles Platz
Second Hamburg trip - more successful this time !



After leaving the Jacaranda on 16/8/1960 they travelled to Hamburg via Harwich to Hook of Holland and stopped off at Arnhem, after taking a wrong turn and posed at the cemetary where they posed. Left to right Alan Williams (manager), his wife Beryl Chang, Lord Woodbine, Stu,Paul,George and Pete. Absent in the photo is John, Barry (Beryl's brother) and Herr Steiner (Bruno Koschmider's interpreter)












The Indra Club, Grosse Freiheit 64. They played here 48 nights between 17th Aug to 3rd Oct 1960






4th October, Bruno decided he wanted the lads at his other club, the Kaiserkellar, Grosse Freiheit 36 (the Indra was closed down because of the noise !) They were to share the bill with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes where they replaced Derry & The Seniors  . They then went on to play alternately for 58 nights until 30th November, but not without incidents !


Whilst here they 'stayed' at the Bambi Kino ,Paul-Roosen Strasse 33 , a crappy cinema owned by Bruno Koschmider (right) who ran both the Indra and Kaiserkeller. Came across this band who perform many of their original sets -check the site out


Bruno decided to stamp his authority (my German sister in law is just like that ) and 'allegedly' on 20th November, George was reported to the, as George was under 18 (only 18 or over could be outdoors after midnight), so George spent the night trying to show John his guitar parts and was deported the next day. 
George at the Bambi Kino







Peter Eckhorn, who owned the Top Ten Club, Reeperbahn 136 was impressed with what he saw at the Kaiserkellar and wanted to hire them after their contract at the Kaisekellar ran out.






It was here that Klaus Voormann and his girlfriend, Astrid Kirscher first came to see the lads.
Bruno found out about this and banned the lads from going to the Top Ten - they didn't give a f..k ! and still kept going
Davidwache, a well-known police station in Germany
Peter Eckhorn, owner of the Top Ten
Eimsbütteler Str. 45a - Astrid's home, he shared with Klaus Vormann and also Stu, where he stayed until his death on 10/4/1962
After the disaster of 1960, Peter Eckhorn hired the lads from 1.4.61 to 23.6.61 (13weeks 503 hours over 92 nights according to Mark Lewisohn) for the Top Ten Club, Reeperbahn 136 .They also lodged here (apeart from Stu) This time, it tightened up the band, however after the residency, Stu decided to leave the band and stay in Hamburg with Astrid.
Third trip and a new venue - The Star Club
The first visit of 3 to the Star Club, Große Freiheit 39  from 13.4.62 - 31.5.62 and were support to Gene Vincent
Paul, Pete, George, John & Gene Vincent
Hotel Pacific, where the lads stayed on their December visit
Hotel Germania, Detlev-Bremer-Strasse 8, where they stayed during their November trip - bit of a 'come-up' from Bambi Kino !
The famous Steinway music shop,Colonnaden 29 where it is said Macca bought his first 500/1, John, his first Ricky 325 r and Pete some Zildjan cymbals.
Wohlwillstrasse 22, in St. where Jurgen Vollmer took a photo in 1961 (amongst many others) of John, which would appear on the cover of his 1975 album 'Rock n Roll'
Just to give you an idea how close all the places were together in St Pauli here's a map I've put together

1.Bambi Kino


3.Star Club


5.Beatles Platz

6.Lennon doorway

7.Top Ten

8.Davidwoche Polizei

9..Hotel Germania


The lads backing Tanya Day at the Star Club