Mosspits Lane Infants School. John enrolled here on 12/11/45 & I understand, was expelled 6 months later.
He then moved to Dovedale Road Infants School on 6/5/46. This was also George's 1st school.
September 1952, after passing the 11 plus he attended Quarry Bank School, after which he named his 1st band The Quarrymen
Finally, in Summer 1957, he was accepted at Liverpool College of Art.
Stockton Wood Road Primary School, Paul's 1st school, at the time, the highest populated infants school in England.
He was then moved to Joseph Williams Primary school.
Finally, in 1953 until 1958, Paul was educated here, along with George, who attended between 1954 & 1958. Paul has now sunk money into it for future musicians, under the banner LIPA.
George's 2nd. school, Alderwood Road Junior School, coming from Dovedale Primary, after which, he went to Liverpool Institute.
Ringo's education was hampered by ill health in his early years, but attended (infrequently) St Silas Primary School, and then Dingle Vale Secondary School.