9 Newcastle Rd, Liverpool,
John's 1st house until he was about 5, when he moved to Mendips with Aunt Mimi & Uncle George.
(Crap photo, but I'll get a better one next time I visit Liverpool)
'Mendips'251 Menlove Ave, Liverpool,
John's main home until he moved to London in 1963.It is now in the hands of the National Trust.

3 Gambier Terrace, Liverpool, a flat he shared (much against Mimi's wishes) in 1960, with Stuart Sutcliffe & Rod Murray, fellow students from the Art College
10 Sunbury Rd, Anfield, Liverpool, the 1st of 7 houses that Paul lived in around Liverpool. They (father Jim, mother Mary & Paul) moved into these furnished rooms in 1941 & stayed for a year.
House no.2, 92 Broadway, Wallesey, over the river until 1943.
Received some interesting info. re:house no. 3, Roach Ave, Knowsley, and in he tells me it was a pre-fab no. 14 as the register of nurses shows. I am indebted to Peter Hodgson from nearby for this info. It has now been demolished (1943-44)
72 Western Ave, Speke, house no.5, 1947-53.
12 Ardwick Rd, Speke, house no. 6, 1953-55.
The last & most well-known McCartney house in Liverpool, 20 Forthlin Rd. Paul moved from here to London, Mary died whilst living here and Jim moved in 1964 to a house (Rembrandt in Heswall). As with Mendips, this house is now property of the National Trust.
12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree. The Harrisons moved from here in 1949.
25 Upton Green, Speke, until 1962.
In 1981, George bought this 63 acre hideaway property in Nahiku, Maui
and finally 174 Macket's Lane, Hunt's Cross, before finally, in 1965 his mother & father, Harry & Louise moved to Warrington, & George to London.
9 Madryn St, Dingle,where Ringo lived until 1946.
From Daily Mail 10/01/07 - thought you may be interested about Scooby Doo as well !!
57 Green St, London - all 4 moved here, due to increasing work commitments in London. Flat L was a guarded secret from fans, however it is known they moved in Sept. 1963 & moved out Spring 1964. Paul moved to Wimpole St. (see below) & John to Emporers Gate (see right)
13 Emporer's Gate (Flat 3), Knightsbridge. From Nov  63 to July 64, John, Cynthia & Julian lived here. They then bought Kenwood (for a bit of peace & quiet !). Emporer's gate was demolished in the early 1980's. 
Had big problems at Weybridge - couldn't get into St George's Hill Estate without getting arrested (I'll keep on trying though !). John, Cynthia & Julian moved here, Kenwood on Wood Lane at the end of July 1964. It cost £20,000 and stayed here until  May 1969, by which time John had met Yoko, when the moved to Tittenhurst in Ascot.   
The gates to Tittenhurst Park, Sunningdale, Ascot (Couldn't get any furthur !) John & Yoko bought this massive Georgian house & 72 acre estate, for £145,000 on 4.5/69.Ringo bought it in Sept. 73 & stayed until 1988.
......and finally to America.
They moved into the Dakota, 1 West 72nd. St, New York in 1973. As everybody knows, John was shot in the doorway by Mark David Chapman at 10.50pm, Mon 8th Dec. 1980
Memorial in Strawberry Fields, Central Park
57 Wimpole St, London, Paul moved into Jane Asher's family home (his girlfriend) November 1963 until 1968.
7 Cavendish Ave, St Johns Wood, London. Paul bought this house for £40,000 in March 1965.
 Part of Pauls farm, High Park Farm, Campbeltown, Kintyre. (Coutesy of 
Waterfalls Estate, Peasmarsh, Sussex. Purchased in 1975 & still owns it. *
36 Faulkener St, Liverpool, Brian Epsteins flat, which he lent to John & Cynthia after they married
Kinfauns, 16 Claremont Rd, Esher. Georges home from Feb 65 to Dec 69. *
Frair Park, Henley on Thames. George bought this massive mansion Jan 1970, and lived here until his death on 29th Nov 2001. It was here that he survived a stabbing attack in Dec 99. Couldn't get any furthur in the park, due to serious security issues at the time.
24th July 1965 he bought Sunny Heights, St Georges Hill, Weybridge. It is now called Summer Haze. He stayed there with Maureen, Zak & Jason until November 1968. *
5th December 1969 he bought this very select house, Roundhill, Compton Ave, Highgate. They stayed here until September 73, when they bought Tittenhurst from John (see above) and moved out early 1988. *I was demolished in 2010.
November 1968 Ringo bought Brookfields, Elstead, Surrey from Peter Sellers for 70,000 (who lived here with Brit Ekland at the time), and stayed here until December 1969 - I've been but couldn't find it so I will try again soon. *
34 Montagu Square, London, Ringo's flat from 1964 until moving to Weybridge in 1965.
High Park Farm, Kintyre - that little speck is the farm - couldn't get closer
Linda's not-much-known-about studio near Campbeltown, Low Ranachan cottage - he won't sell it.






































105 Bank St, NYC from 16/10/71 to Feb 73 they occupied the top floor before moving to the Dakota



























El Solano, Palm Beach, was bought as a kind of holiday home late 1979 *





















as has no.4, at 75 Sir Thomas White Gardens, Everton Valley (1944-47) 

























































Ringo & Barbara are asking $4.5 million for their Aspen ranch in Colorado, which they bought in 1990.
Ringo purchased Rydinghurst Estate, Cranleigh, Surrey in 1999 for 2 million from Count George Bardeau and sold it early 2015 to Czech real estate tycoon,Radovan Vitek for in the region of $20 - 25 million.






Tanque Verde, Tucson, Arizona. Purchased in 1979, Linda died here.


March 2001 Paul purchased 9536 Heather Road. It is said that George went to die here. Heather Mills wanted the house in their bitter divorce, but the judge decided that as she had little or no business in LA she didn't need the house.









































10 Admiral Grove, until Ringo also moved to London.








William Mews, Whaddon House, Brian Epsteins flat - Ringo moved into flat 7 in early 1964. *
George purchased this amazing property, as his retreat in the late 80's, on Hamilton Island off the Australian coast. It sold for $8 million in 2008.













Rocabella, Monaco, they have used this very exclusive pad in Monaco since 1989.
918 N Hillcrest Road, LA, purchased May 1991 for $3.2million, Ringo & Barbara spend time here when in LA.