1961 George bought a 1957 Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet for 70. He later gave it to Klaus Voormann, who kept it for some time.




In the well known picture of The Quarrymen playing the Woolton Fete, July 1957, Lennon is playing a Gallotone Champion and on the right is a photo of his actual one, which sold at Sotheby's for $250,000 to Adam Sender in 1999. It now lies at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. .
1959, John went up in the world with this Hofner Club 40 - his first electric guitar. He is pictured with George in 1969 at the Indra Club, Hamburg.
1964 John asked Rickenbacker to make him a 325 Jet-glo 12 string which he acquired in March. It belongs in the Lennon estate.It has been displayed at Clevelands Rock & Roll Hall of fame museum.

1960, Paul's Rosetti Solid 7 - he thought it was a bit of a rubbish guitar. The pic on the right shows that Paul has transformed it to a 3 string bass !

1956, George's first (possibly) guitar, an Egmond acoustic.

The guitar was auctioned off in 80s, and was on loan to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland from  1995 to 2002.  In 2003, now worth approx. $800,000 was displayed at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool  

1958, George bought (maybe with mum's help !) a Hofner President. He later put a pick up on it. It had no name on the headstock. He swopped it (although this is questionable) with Ray Ennis of The Swinging Blue Jeans for his new guitar. It's whereabouts is unknown.
1959 he acquired (bottom left) this Hofner Club 40, slightly different to John's. It was signed by all 4 and lies in a German bank vault !
1959 George bought this Resonet (later Selmer) Futurama II, red sunburst  from Hessy's, Liverpool.It later ended up in the hands of Sean O'Mahoney, editor of Beatles Monthly, who still owns it. The picture on the right is similar (III), and credited to Dusan Palka, California, USA  

1960 a 1958 Rickenbacker 325 capri - bought in Steinways of Hamburg, natural finish,
gold pickguard, kaufmann vibrato.John had a Bigsby b5 vibrato put on it and painted black in Sept 62.In 1972 it was restored to it's natural colour, and is owned by Sean. It's  last public appearance was on the 1964 Ed Sullivan show. It's that sacred that even my knitted doll has got a replica !
10 Sept 62 John & George bought identical Gibson J160e from Rushworths, Liverpool for 161. As they were identical apart from the serial numbers, they got them mixed up.George's was stolen at the 1963 Finsbury Park Xmas show - John thought it was his that was stolen, so replaced it with the one underneath. 
1964 John bought another J160e to replace his 'lost' one. In 1967 The Fool painted in psychedilic colours and had it stripped later for the bed in.It was on display at Cleveland rock n roll hall of fame on loan from Lennon's estate.
1964 Another Rickenbacker 325 Jet-glo -an improved model ,it was  sent to the Deauville rehearsals for the 2nd Ed Sullivan show- it immediately replaced his previous one until late 65. It was displayed at the Lennon museum, Japan. Lennon dropped it the Hammersmith 64 Xmas show and cracked the headstock. Also in 1964 he got Rickenbacker to make a12 string 325.It belongs in the Lennon estate.
After breaking his 64 325, Rose Morris gave him a Fire glo model. He gave it to Ringo.
1960 and John lent Paul his Hofner Club 40 as he had bought his Rickenbacker, and as you can see, Paul just re-strung it left handed. Lennon soon sold it.






































































































































































1963 he aquired a Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman from Sound City in London.It went for repair, was stolen and they gave him another one and the original one was later found. He preferred the new one ad December 65 it was run over ! Pic far left with both of them.




























In fact, John's 325 is so important, even my Beatle has one !
1961 Hofner 500/1 - Hofner Violin bass.When Paul was 'lumbered' with playing bass, he bought this cheapish bass, in Steinways, Hamburg.Some b.....d stole it.
1966 He acquired an Epiphone Ee230td Casino sunburst. It was used for the Revolver sessions and the1st live gig was 1 may 66. In 1968 he had it sanded to natural and appears with it on the Apple HQ rooftop
& the Live peace in Toronto. It belongs in the Lennon estate


Paul's first guitar - apparently he traded in the trumpet his dad had given him. He still owns it ! I can remember I had a Zenith guitar once -- a little red semi acoustic number !